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How to Wash Hair Extensions

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How To Wash Hair Extensions?

Malaysia Hair Washing Guide.

The goal of just about everyone who purchases hair extensions is to make sure that they last for their full lifetime. Almost all of the hair extensions offered for sale by Malaysia Hair Imports are guaranteed to last for a year or two to three re installations dependent on the type of care they receive. With this in mind, it may be helpful to read over a quick guide that will teach you how to properly wash and care for virgin hair extensions.
Unlike your natural hair, virgin hair extensions will not receive the benefits of natural oils coming out from your scalp. Therefore, you have to be careful while washing your hair extensions to make sure that they do not dry out prematurely. You should aim to wash and condition your hair every three to four days.


How to wash clip in hair extensions?

Before getting your hair damp to make sure to brush it out thoroughly to remove all tangles or knots in the hair. It is a good idea to start at the bottom of the hair and then work your way slowly upwards so that you clear out any tangles without pulling too hard on your hair. Once you can run your fingers through your hair you are ready to wash it.

How to wash human hair extensions?

Wet your hair in the shower or the bath the same way you would wet your own hair and then single out your hair extensions and apply conditioner to each of them. You want to place conditioner on your extensions before you wash your hair with shampoo because this will help the extensions hold onto a high level of moisture.

How to wash hair?

Leave the conditioner in place and resist the natural urge to rinse because you place the out shampoo directly on top of the conditioner. You can also go ahead and shampoo the rest of your hair at the same time. Gently massage the shampoo into the hair extensions and the rest of your hair and then wash out your hair gently. Make sure that you have thoroughly rinsed both the conditioner and the shampoo out and then reapply conditioner all over your hair this time including natural and extensions. Once again rinse out your hair thoroughly making sure there is no leftover conditioner left behind in your hair extensions.

Step out of the shower and then wrap your hair in a towel and just press it to your hair so that it can absorb the moisture out of the hair. Simply gently press the towel to blot out the water, but do not rub your towel against your hair. You do not want to towel dry your hair extensions dry because the friction can damage them.

Now you want to take a comb and carefully go through your hair extensions to work out any tangles or knots that might have formed while you were washing your hair. If you can allow your hair to air-dry this is the healthiest route of drying for your extensions. Heat will dry out your hair extensions if you repeatedly expose it to high temperatures from a blow dryer. However, you do not want to sleep in wet hair because this increases the change that you will end up with tangles and knots that you cannot sort out in the morning. Therefore, if necessary allow your hair to air dry as long as possible before turning to a blow dryer.

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How to Wash Hair Extensions