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One of the common questions Malaysia Hair Imports personnel is asked is what’s the difference between Jace Beauty (JB) and Malaysia Hair Imports. The main differences are the sourcing, quality of product, product weight, product offering and price.

Jace Beauty sourcing of hair is different from Malaysia Hair Imports. JB’s source of hair comes from different regions than Malaysia Hair Imports. More than likely her source is in Kyrgyzstan if she’s stating she has Russian Fede hair. Where as Malaysia Hair Imports source of supply is in Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia. The texture of the hair is going to be different because of the nationality of the donor.

The quality difference between Malaysia Hair Imports and JB is based on the nationality in which the hair is sourced. Malaysia Hair Imports donors are located in northwest, south and southeast Asia. If JB sells real human the quality will be different based on where her source is sourcing her hair.

The product weight is where Malaysia Hair Imports separates our hair extensions from JB. Where Malaysia Hair Imports sells full bundles 3.5 oz or more, JB sells 1.75 oz. Meaning a customer would have to purchase 4 to 6 half bundles of JB hair for a full sew in whereas a customer would only need 2 to 3 bundles of Malaysia Hair Imports hair extensions.

Another distinct advantage of working with Malaysia Hair Imports is that we offer wholesale. By offering wholesale entrepreneurs, stylist, make up artist or anyone in the beauty industry can start their own premium hair extensions business. With as little is $495.04 (Malaysia Straight 10” 10 Bundles) any one can start selling premium hair extensions under their own brand name

Another difference between Malaysia Hair Imports and JB is the price. Malaysia Hair Imports is competitively priced with vendors around the world. In retrospect when it comes to JB Malaysia Hair Imports is priced better. Take for example JB 12-14 ½ bundles start at $75. In order to get a full bundle that’s $150.00. Malaysia Hair Imports full bundle of Malaysia straight 12-14” is $65 and $70. Therefore all a customer has to do is the math and they will see that Malaysia Hair Imports has a distinct advantage of price and weight.

Malaysia Hair Imports and Jace Beauty are two great companies. Both companies sell premium hair. As stated there are differences between sourcing, quality of product, product weight, product offering and price. When choosing a company that offers premium hair extensions ensure you do your research and invest wisely. If you have any questions contact sales@malaysianremy.com or adrianperry@malaysianremy.com For a wealth of information’s please visit our site at http://www.malaysianremy.com/faq-1/ If you would like to chat 1 on 1 then go to www.malaysianremy.com and click on the chat with us. We would love to answer all the questions you may have.

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