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Lace Frontal Closure


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  • Weight: Each Frontal is approximately 2.5oz
  • Length: 14″-22″
  • Color: Natural Off Black Color 1b
  • Lace: Korean  – Thai Silk
  • 130% Density
  • Most natural hairline
  • Remy Virgin Hair, Free Parting (Can be parted anywhere), includes baby hair

Full Description

The Best 100% Remy Human Hair Lace Frontal

We make our Lace Frontal hair piece by hand tie- ing hair strands to a 13 x 4″ lace. Remy lace Frontal closures are a few inches wide and you can apply them where the natural hair is left out to give a natural look.

Malaysia Hair Imports hair frontal closure is a free part that you place anywhere you require to create an illusion of a parting. This would normally be at the center or side of the head’s front.

Frontal closures are fitted using glue or can be sewn in.

Lace Frontal closures can be sewn into the weave and are popular for women who care about their natural hair.

We make Our Human hair closures from hair textures that come from Cambodia, Malaysia and Burma.

Lace frontals

  • Our Frontal Closures use an almost invisible light lace that covers the top and direct front of your hairline.
    • The purpose of a lace closure is to provide an invisible undetectable hairline.
    • Frontals are predominately for the woman who want to close their weave at the front of their hairline
    • without leaving their own hair out.
    • Our Frontal Closures are available in straight, wavy and curly.

The lace closure sew-in weave is the best protective hairstyle for women who transition from relaxers to their natural hair.

It’s a great choice for women who have kinky natural hair and need to protect it from heat and salon tools. You can install the closure with glue or have it sewn in.

In order to achieve a full look with your hair, a lace closure is a must have! It enables you to be more experimental with your hair since you choose the look, fashion, and style you require without compromise.

How long do lace frontals last

Women across the world fall in love with Malaysia Hair Imports since we offer the freedom to add volume and length to their hair at a moments notice.

Fans of the company also enjoy the fact that we use high quality 100% virgin human hair to make all our products. Every piece of hair is genuine and therefore looks amazing when sewn in and next your natural hair.

We want your hair extensions to perfectly blend  with your natural hairline and therefore recommend you use our lace frontal closures.

Once you install them, you will find the blend between your hair and scalp is so flawless that people won’t be able to tell that you are wearing extensions at all.

All of our lace closures complete your style and hair extensions perfectly allowing you to cleverly hide your weave. I

n order to make sure the parting is still natural we attach our lace frontal closures to the hair separately once the hair extensions are in place.

More info on Lace Closures

Similar to virgin hair, the lace closures feature 100% natural hair therefore, you can trust that the end result is always stunning.

There is no standard measure for human hair since all hair have different structures. However, we roughly aim to provide you with lace frontal closures that measures 13″ x 4″.

All of our lace closures measure either 14″ in length or 18″ in length but we do offer custom choices.

Contact us to discuss custom lengths to fit your hair perfectly. The weight of the hair swatches are about 1.50 oz but all hair has slight variations in the weight so minor deviations are notmal.

We offer three different types of textures: Cambodia Body Wave, Malaysian Straight, and Burmese Loose Wave.

These textures offer low medium luster and the knots are kept as natural as the hair and never undergo any type of bleaching.

The density of the hair extensions are about 130%  thickness of what you find naturally on most head of hairs.

This allows the lace front to be thick at the hairline and remain a regular density at other locations creating a  natural boost in volume across the head.


Can I Dye Or Colour the Hair?

Yes, our hair is 100% natural human hair, you can dye, bleach or restyle to it.
However, frequently dye or perm will do harm on the hair, even destroy it, please do not try to do it so frequently. and don’t remember to nutrition the hair with good quality hair conditioner.

We recommend professional license hair coloring stylist

Return & Exchange Policy?

You can return or get a full refund of your order within 7 days you receive and sign for your order, the hair in its original state and not unbundled by the original ties.

If there’re quality problems, please contact us and provide to take videos and pictures when you open the package and examine the quality carefully.

When Will My Order Ship?

We highly recommend that you do not make any hair appointments until your hair has been delivered. During sales and promos, order processing times will be higher and take additional processing times.

Special requests such as color/or special textures in the order notes will fall into the additional processing times category.

We highly recommend all new customers review our complete shipping & payments policy prior to ordering. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

What Is the Grade of our hair?

The grade is just a term Chinese company use with there mixed hair but nothing is set in stone or govern by any government agency. Our hair is a High-quality 100% single donor Remy hair with cuticles intact, cuticles aligned, unprocessed and the best quality from a single donor per bundle. 

3 Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Lace Frontal Closure

  1. Ellie

    Really pleased withe my order great delivery time thanks shall be using as one of my main suppliers

  2. Deone ne

    Amazing quality and service
    Very pleased and very happy clients

  3. Jessica Ray

    I highly recommend this company !!It’s one of my favorites!!!same quality every time.

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