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Malaysian Hair:

Malaysia Hair Imports Malaysian hair extensions comes directly from the villages of Malaysia. While many virgin hair stores, beauty supply stores, websites online and etc claim there are many different textures of Malaysian hair extensions there are only two. That is straight and body wave (which is rare). Unlike Myanmar and Cambodia where ethnicities have either migrated or invaded by different countries, Malaysia has remain untapped by other nationalities. Meaning there hasn’t been enough procreating amongst Malaysians and others ethnicities that their offspring would create different textures. Therefore Malaysians alike many other Asians hair is naturally straight. Body wave is rare and would more expensive than Malaysian straight hair extensions.

Sourcing Malaysian Hair Imports Malaysian hair isn’t a daunting task. Like many cultures Malaysian people are very kind. The relationship that Malaysia Hair Imports have built with the Malaysians in their native villages has been one of prosperity for both sides. Our donor’s love being able to take care of their family with the proceeds used to purchase their ponytails. With proceeds from our clients donors are able to feed their family for months. Therefore when you think Malaysia Hair Imports prices are too high think of the donor’s family you are helping to support.

Malaysian hair is extremely sought after because it is a very versatile type of hair and can Malaysian hair extensions can be used for all ethnicities. It flatters just about any woman that tries it on, and it is so flexible that it can be styled into just about anything. Our Malaysian hair is well cared for and strong, and is unadulterated. We take it straight from donors, bundle it, and send it to you so that you can enjoy the gorgeous full hair that you have always dreamed of having on your head.

All of our Malaysian hair extensions come in lengths of 12″ to 30″ but we can easily accommodate your specific needs if you give us a call. If you have a longer or shorter style in mind just call or email us and we will make sure that you get the Malaysian hair you need in the exact size. We aim to make sure that you have the ability to look perfect with our Malaysian hair extensions.

It is important to keep in mind that hair naturally is a variation of shades since there are different layers on the head and some receive more light then others. Therefore, do not be surprised to see variations of off-black and dark brown shades in our bundles of Malaysian hair. We do not touch the hair from the donor, but you can easily dye it to be one shade if you prefer although we do suggest that you consult with a professional hair stylist for the process.Also do not be surprised if you notice that the Malaysian hair extensions weigh differently if you order more than one. Strands of hair also naturally have different weights and since we specialize in virgin Malaysian hair it will vary slightly. Typically our bundles of Malaysian hair measure about three to three and a half ounces but the difference is so small you probably will notice once it is weaved or glued into your own mane.

Our Malaysian hair all has a low to medium luster allowing it to perfectly blend in with natural hair. It has a natural coarse feel as well that along with the nice sheen allows it to style easily. When wet it has a natural wave that closely resembles relaxed African American hair, but it can be styled to be straight if you like. It is also extremely soft and sleek so that you can be proud to wear it on a regular basis. Whether you are looking for more body or a bit more length to complete your dream hairstyle our Malaysian hair extensions will help you get there.

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