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My First Wig

My First Wig

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Wig Types We Custom Make

My First Wig can be difficult to know what you want and where to buy at Malaysia Hair Imports we try to answer all your questions you may have.

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Machine Made Wig: For individuals who are new to wigs, or possibly allergic to or simply not fond of wig glues and or tapes. These non-lace machines made wigs require no tapes or glues to wear. Unlike the comparable glue-less full lace wigs, machine-made wigs as indicated are made by sewing wefts a few centimeters apart from each other on the new and improved elasticated wig cap, which also has combs and an adjustable strap at the nape for a secure fit.
Full Lace Wig: is constructed from lace cap that covers the whole head and the hair is knotted into the lace by hand. On standard Remy lace wigs, there is a strip of stretch-lace over the top of the crown to allow for movement such as hair growth underneath and for variations in head size.
Lace Front Wig: have a lace panel in the front of the wig, attached to a cap made a different way (basic, monofilament, or hand-tied). Typically, lace front wigs have a lace panel that sticks out beyond the hairline of the wig. The panel needs to be cut (preferably by a stylist or cosmetologist who knows how to do it) This is what helps create the look of a natural hairline.



Short wigs are admittedly better for more humid areas or if you feel that your body is always hot.
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The longer the wig (just like the longer your hair) the more heat will be trapped and the warmer you might feel throughout the day. Also, short wigs are a bit easier to maintain, dry faster, are quicker to style and can cost less. But the choice is yours, don’t let money get in the way of achieving the look you want because we can custom make your order.


What Cap Size Do I Need

The way your wig fits your head is very important. A good comfortable fit is necessary if you would like to wear your wig for an extended amount of time. To measure your head for a wig, use a cloth tape measure that has not been stretched for accuracy.
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1. Forehead to Nape

Start the tape from the center of the front of your hairline to the hairline at the nape of the neck. If you have little or no hair, lay your index, third, and ring finger flat against your forehead just about at the brow bone. At the top of the three fingers would be a good straight point. Measure until about an inch below the small bone at the bottom of the skull.
2. Ear to Ear

Lay the end of the tape about a half inch above your little crease (where glasses rest) at the top of your ear between the ear and the head. Bring the tape across the top of your head to meet the other ear, without touching the ear, at the same point.
3. Circumference

Start the tape at your hairline at the center of your forehead. Run the tape around, behind the ears, passing your hairline at the nape of the neck, and back up to the middle of your forehead.
4. Temple to Temple

Start at your temple, and bring tape measure around the back of your head to reach the other temple.


Wig Hairstyle

once you have decided on your size, hair type, and cap type, now you can have fun. Browse through our short, chin length, medium length, and long hairstyles to find your favorite online wigs or contact us and make a custom order.
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For women who have very long hairstyles before their hair loss, it is often best to go a bit shorter. A shorter wig will be easier to manage, and less of a transition once your hair begins to grow back.

It is important to choose a style before you choose a color because each unit will only come in a selection of colors from the full-color range. Many women worry that if they don’t start with color, they won’t find the right color. Do not worry as they be custom colored. If you would like to match your style to your existing hair, detailed length measurements please contact and send us a picture to custom make.


Human Hair

Many cancer patients come to us because we only source and make 100% human hair wigs. Human hair offers the same styling versatility of real hair. This feature is both the pro and the con of a human hair wig. Because they require much more maintenance, styling, and upkeep. Without the natural oils from your scalp to condition the wig, they can get dry and brittle without proper maintenance. Just like your own hair, they will lose their style in the rain or humidity and must be restyled. They are also much more expensive than synthetic wigs.


Wig Hair Color:

Our custom color comes in a selection of approximately 30 colors. For this reason, it is impossible to choose your wig color until you have selected your style. Most individuals find that it is best to match their natural hair color. If you are experiencing hair loss, We always recommend that our customers take advantage of our free expert consultations. Many of our customers choose to send us hair swatches and pictures, allowing our experts to help them select an ideal color match.


Once you know your desired length, you have a few choices for your desired texture:
Straight:  Malaysian Hair
Natural Wavy:   Cambodian Hair, Burmese Hair
Curly: Cambodian Hair, Burmese Hair