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What is processed hair extensions? Processed hair extensions are extensions that have been chemically and machine manipulated.

Chemically processed hair is usually perm and steam processed to meet a particular curl pattern. For example many people assume that Malaysian hair comes in curly, water curl and kinky curl. Since most people aren’t educated about Malaysians they buy into that below. Malaysians hair is naturally straight. Malaysian body wave is rare and if you find someone with 100% then it will be more expensive than Malaysian straight hair. Many virgin hair companies claim they sell curly, water curl and kinky curl hair yet its been processed. If you wonder why your hair extensions smells like corn chips and smoke its because of the chemicals used to keep synthetic fibers intact.

Machine manipulated hair are synthetic fibers such as toyokalon, monofilaments, polyester, silk synthetic hair and silicone added to 10% to 20% human hair steamed pressed to various curl and wave patterns. Therefore any company who sells Brazilian and Peruvian hair extensions more than likely sells processed hair. Malaysia Hair Imports isn’t downing any virgin hair store that sells processed hair. Make your money but tell the truth to your customer.

Malaysia Hair Imports is asking you as the customer to do your research. This is why our frequently asked questions section is filled with information because we have done the research. Any company that doesn’t want to share where their hair is sourced from is more than likely a company that sells processed hair. Real virgin hair is not going to retail at $50 a bundle unless that company is taking a hit on shipping. Virgin hair isn’t soft and silk. Ladies run your hands through your hair. Is it soft and silky or is it soft with a slightly coarse to coarse texture? Virgin hair isn’t collected in countries like Brazil, Peru, Russia, Mongolia, China and I don’t even know what a Eurasian is. If you go to a beauty supply store the asians will tell you all their Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair extensions they carry is the same hair different curl pattern. They will also tell you countries like Burma Cambodia and Malaysia don’t cut their hair in which we can tell you they don’t know everything. If they knew everything then virgin hair companies like Malaysia Hair Imports wouldn’t exist. The beauty supply stores would have a monopoly on the hair extensions market because of their vast resources.

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