Hair Extensions

Our Hair Extensions is made from 100% human Remy hair. All our hair is single drawn and produced using a long,  intensive processing method  Our range currently consists of Remy Hair is handpicked, carefully selected shades ranging from flat colors to natural blends, all our shades are full, thick, glossy and silky-smooth.

Hair Extensions

100%  Remy Virgin Hair

We use human Cambodian Raw Hair, Malaysian Raw Hair and Burmese Raw hair across all our Remy hair extensions. Remy is the highest grade of human hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact throughout the process, helping prevent tangling and substantially prolonging the extensions’ lifespan.

Our Remy Hair Thick From Root To Tip

Through the exclusive use of Remy hair and by ensuring that hair is “Single drawn”, our virgin hair allows you to create a completely natural appearance. The single drawn process sees the virgin hair meticulously sorted to select the finest strands to create the hair extensions.

Malaysia Hair Imports Remy hair Extensions is treated with care, from the moment we custom make to right through to being packed and sent to you. The custom coloring process alone can take anywhere up to 2 weeks to complete, ensuring that the hair’s original softness is delivered to you and maintained for months ahead.

Quality is important to us, which is why we invest in our Remy Hair and in our technology to ensure you receive the best quality service and hair extension possible. Particularly with hair industry trade customers, we understand how important your time is and how critical it is to receive the correct items for your clients or yourself.

Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Our Malaysia Hair Imports Clip-in wefts, also known as clip-in hair extensions, come in a strand of contoured pieces, attached at the base with either fabric or silicone. Clips are attached to this base and come ready to use. All you have to do is clip the pieces to your natural hair all on your own!

Clip-in hair are the least permanent style of extensions because you can quickly remove them and put them back on whenever you want. Unlike some of the other hair extension applications mentioned above, clip-ins usually take 5 – 15 minutes to apply at home. Clip-in hair is also the least damaging because they don’t involve any chemicals, heat, pressure, or other installation methods mentioned above—they simply clip onto your hair with ease so there is zero damage to your natural hair. This is one of the many reasons why it’s one of the most popular hair extension types.

How to take care of Clip In Hair Extensions

Our 100% human hair extensions rules apply when it comes to treatment of clip-in hair just as with any hair extensions. We’ll focus more on the 100% human hair since that’s what we make, sell and recommend.

Simply, Clip in extensions are very low maintenance and only need to be washed every 5-10 wears, or if there is a lot of product buildup to the point that they become unmanageable. Just like your natural hair, you simply brush, shampoo and condition the hair and let them air dry!  They can be curled, straightened, and colored, however, it is always best to use a lower heat setting when heat styling the human hair, and to use a heat protectant prior to heat styling.


Once again, this depends on how well you take care of them, what products you use and how often you wear them. With proper care and regular wear, clip-ins last anywhere from 1 – 2  Years,  and sometimes even longer.

Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions


The extensions are pre-taped and then taped/glued together on either side of your own hair. Typically a hairdresser would apply tape-ins for you because you need to align them with the roots and they are applied with a heated tool that heats up the glue. Additionally, you would need to have them removed (with glue remover) and then reinstalled. Naturally, when you apply heat to your roots and any adhesive product such as tape or glue, this can damage your hair. This process usually takes approximately 40 minutes – 1 hour to apply and if the extensions are in good condition, they can be re-used.


With tape-in extensions, you have to be very careful when using conditioners or hair products because this can cause the tape to come loose or slip off. This is a very common issue with tape-ins, where the hair simply slides off. Because of this, hairdressers usually recommend you use special shampoo or conditioner and styling products that are less harsh and not as oily to ensure the glue continues to stick to your hair. You can style them any way you want because they are made with human hair, but you need to watch out for the roots where the glue or tape is.


Tape-ins are considered semi-permanent. Typically, they can last 4 – 8 weeks before you need to remove and re-apply them again. Just like any other hair, however, it depends on how well you take care of them and on how quickly your hair grows.

Hair Extensions

 Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions


Fusion hair  (also known as bonding or pre-bonded) are fused to natural hair using different adhesives such as glue. Applying pre-bonded hair extensions take approximately 1-2 hours to apply and are also applied by a hairdresser. Fusion extensions might not be suitable for all clients as this type of application is very damaging to your natural hair, so your hairdresser may even advise against this method. The application involves a machine that looks like a hot glue gun, which essentially glues the hair to individual strands of the natural hair. Another type of application for pre-bonded hair uses a heat clamp to melt the glue to the natural hair.


Fusion/pre-ponded application is managed and treated the same way as your real hair. You can use the same products you would normally use, however, the extensions need re-positioning every 2–3 months as the natural hair grows. Additionally, due to the numerous chemicals in the glue, this method can cause hair loss, breakage, and scalp irritation.


They are considered semi-permanent as they stay in your hair for up to 4 months. However, like all other types of hair extensions, this varies based on your own hair type and growth.

Hair Extensions

Microlink Hair Extensions


Micro link hair extensions are also known as micro bead hair or micro loop hair. These are applied by attaching tiny strain of hair too small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. Then, a special tool is used to secure the bead to the hair and tightened to hold it in place. Although this method does not use heat or glue, if not installed correctly by a professional, micro links hair can be damaging on the hair. The bead may be tightened too much, causing pressure and pulling at the roots, and if not removed properly, the hair can be pulled out. This method takes approximately 1 – 3 hours to apply.


You can wash them the same way you would your natural hair and use the same styling products. Similar to fusion hair, micro links hair extensions need re-positioning every 2 – 3 months as the natural hair grows and the microbeads move away from the scalp.


Micro link hair is considered semi-permanent and they generally last up to 4 months.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and read our Hair Extensions FAQ Page.

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