Malaysia Hair Imports Mens Hair Systems is non-surgical hair replacement systems should be affordable to everyone and provide the most natural looking hair line.

Choose from our vast range of 100% human hair wigs, get it customized as per your specifications by our team of expert specialists and look stunning, effortlessly!

Whatever your hair loss problem, we have an ideal hair replacement system for you at Malaysia Hair Imports

 Lace w/Bleached knots is the Most Natural, Undetectable Lace Hair Replacement Systems today.

The Light Monofilament We use the latest Light Monofilament gauge which makes this System which is fully breathable much more comfortable than the old Monofilament.

Invisible Thinnest Skin Hair System is made from the lightest, most ultra thin poly ever made for a Hair System. Each hair is placed into the transparent .028mm ultra thin poly skin via angled V-loop. There is no appearance of knots.

Our 100% Natural, Undetectable Hairline not only requires the best Toupee Lace material in the world, but also the best production techniques. The most important of these methods is Knot Bleaching. Hollywood Lace uses our own patented tool & proprietary method to make each knot Invisible.

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