Lace Frontal Closures


The width of a human hair does not have a standard measure since we have different hair structures. Our size standards are 13″ X 4

Length and weight:

The measures include 14″ and 18″ but you have the option of contact us for more choices, and the hair weight is about 1.50 oz.


Malaysia hair Imports offers you Cambodian Body Wave, Burmese loose wave and Malaysian Straight and all them are finished using durable Swiss lace.

Malaysia Hair Imports lace frontal Closure

Cambodian Body Wave

Cambodian body wave has a slightly coarse touch and is an excellent match with newly relaxed African American hair. The Cambodian body wave comes in its natural dark brown or black colour. The hair is devoid of any chemicals and can be straightened and dyed.

Burmese loose wave

At Malaysia Hair Import, our Burmese Loose Wave is natural and slightly textured and supple with natural polish and shine. It mixes well with all hair types. Exceptionally adaptable and hence can be worn in various selection of styles. This hair can be uncurled and curled and reverts back to its natural shape when washed.

Malaysian Straight

Our Malaysian straight is one of the most sought after grain and a trendy alternative among celebrities. Malaysian straight has an exceptionally comfortable feel and is glossy and sparkly, but does not shine excessively. Its sheen is low to medium akin to Brazilian hair. The hair hold twists tremendously well devoid of application of any products. It is normally extremely dark brown; near to black but some bundles might have lighter finishing. The Malaysian straight blends exceptionally well with nearly all hair types counting African American.

Luster and knots

We have low to medium luster, and the knots do not undergo any form of bleaching.





Lace Frontal Closures


Density (Light to Medium):

The density is 130% the thickness of an average head of hair. This is the trendiest density in demand for custom lace front closers. It implies that the lace front has light thickness at the hairline and standard density in all other places. It is the most natural looking and is recommended by top stylists all over the world.

Most women spend a lot of money and years in attempts of restoring their unhealthy hairline or diminishing hairline. Malaysia Hair Imports presents you with sturdy Swiss lace closures designed in a way that leaves you beautiful and natural.

At Malaysia Hair imports our lace closures are made on your request and ready for shipping within 7-14 business days. For more information, you can contact us at our readily available website at and choose the product of your choice.

Malaysia Hair Imports lace frontals Closure

Women across the world have fallen in love with Malaysia Hair Imports since they offer women the freedom to add volume and length to their hair at the minute’s notice. Of course, fans of the company also enjoy that all of our products are made out of high quality 100% virgin human hair. Every piece of hair is genuine and therefore looks amazing when sewn into next your natural hair. To make sure that your hair extensions perfectly blend in with your natural hair line Malaysia Hair Imports offers lace frontal closures. Out lace closures match the colour of hair perfectly and blend in against the scalp flawlessly so that people cannot tell you are wearing extensions at all.

All of our lace frontal closures are perfect for closing off your style and your hair extensions and allow you to cleverly hide your wave. In order to make sure that parting is still simple once your hair extensions are in place our lace frontal closures are attached to the hair separately. Much like virgin hair, the lace closures feature only stunning natural hair and not piece is synthetic or from any other origin. Therefore, you can trust that the end result will be stunning as well.

There is no standard measure for human hair since all hair has different structures. However, we roughly aim to provide you with lace frontal closure that measure 13″ x 4. All of our lace closures measure either 14″ in length or 18″ in length but we are willing to offer custom choices. Simply contact us and we can discuss custom lengths that will fit into your hair perfectly. The weight of the hair swatches is about 1.50 oz but since all hair has slight variations in weight you can expect a slight deviation that may be lighter or heavier.

Malaysia Hair Imports offers three different types of textures: Cambodia Body Wave, Malaysian Straight, and Burmese Loose Wave. Each of these offer low to medium luster and the knots are kept as natural as the hair and do not undergo any type of bleaching. The density of the hair extensions is about 130% the thickness of what is found naturally on most head of hairs. This allows the lace front to be thick at the hairline and then of a regular density at other locations to create a very natural boost in volume across the head.

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