Silk Frontal Closures


The width of a human hair does not have a standard measure since we have different hair structures. Our size standards are 13″ x 4”

Length and weight:

The measures include 14″ and 18″ but you have the option of contact us for more choices, and the hair weight is about 1.50 oz.


Malaysia hair Imports offers you Cambodian Body Wave, Burmese loose wave and Malaysian Straight and all them are finished using durable Swiss lace.

Luster and knots

We have low to medium luster, and the knots do not undergo any form of bleaching.





Silk Frontal Closures


Density (Light to Medium):

The density is 100% the thickness of an average head of hair. This is the trendiest density in demand for custom lace front closers. It implies that the lace front has light thickness at the hairline and standard density in all other places. It is the most natural looking and is recommended by top stylists all over the world.
Silk Base Frontal Closures

Hair can take extremely long to grow, and even then it is not always as shiny or voluminous as you like. This is one reason why many turn to Malaysia Hair Imports for aid. Their Silk Base Frontal Closures are a great way to add volume and length to your hair. All of our hair extensions are made out of 100% virgin human hair which means that every single strand is of the highest quality possible. Malaysia Hair Imports silk closures easily blend into your hair so that people will never know that you have added anything into your natural hair.


As mentioned, all of our Silk Frontal Closures are made out of 100% human hair and that allows them to become practical unnoticeable once you weave them in. They each are attached separately so that you can part your hair in whichever way you prefer without revealing the fact that you are wearing silk closures. You will not find one synthetic hair fiber in any of our Silk Frontal Closures.

All of our Silk Frontal Closures come in lengths of 14″ and 18,” but you can contact us if you want a custom length. We are more than happy to create a custom size for you. You can expect our hair to weigh about 1.50 oz with a slight variation between bundles because human hair naturally has a slight variation in weight. It also does not have a standard size so we measure it by hair structure which is based on 13″ by 4″.

We offer three different textures to make sure that you get the end style that you are searching for. We offer Malaysian Straight, Cambodian Body Wave, and the Burmese Loose Wave. Regardless of which texture or type of hair that you choose all of our Silk Frontal Closures are finished with durable Swiss lace.

All of our hair is low to medium luster and the knots are not bleached in any way so that they remain natural as well. The density of the Silk Frontal Closures is 100% the thickness that would be found on natural hair which creates a light thickness along the hairline and then regular density along the rest of the hair.

We make all of our Malaysia Hair Imports upon your request so it will take seven to 14 days for your Silk Frontal Closures to be ready to ship once you place your order. Please allow for this time when you place your order for Silk Base Frontal Closures.



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