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Real Hair Authenticity:

Throughout my tenure working with hair extensions in this business I have learned a lot. I’ve learned that not all companies sell 100% virgin hair. I’ve learned to ask a lot of questions because of the research I have done. I’ve learned to use tools given to learn more about the business. I’ve asked stylists, questioned hair gurus, watched tons of youtube reviews and etc… All of this research, time, questions asked to experts in this business lead me to asked companies to prove what they sell is real hair extensions.

August 2015 I attended the Bronner Brothers hair show and had a booth. It was a good event. The entertainment was nice from what I could see and hear but I wasn’t there for that. I was there to show the people around the world what Malaysia Hair Imports had to offer. The Chinese were the first group of people who were interested in seeing what we had to offer. They picked up the hair, put it to their nose, ran their fingers through it, kindly smiled, spoke to each other in mandarin and said in English, “good hair, we like how it looks, feels and smells.” “Where do you collect your hair?” When we told them the countries of origin they looked at us like how did you all collect this quality of hair. They looked at the Ipad mini, viewed a photo of Malaysian and Cambodian stamped passports. They also viewed our ponytails and were in plain shock. They just could not believe it. They walked away speaking in mandarin.

Next came the Indians. They practically did the same thing the Chinese did and asked why don’t we sell Indian hair extensions. Our answer to their question was we noticed Indian hair extensions weren’t as full as the extensions we were collecting. We also felt the quality of the Indian extensions weren’t superior to that of Burmese Cambodian and Malaysian hair extensions. Although Indian hair is good hair, we have had new clients state they found nits (lice eggs) in the Indian hair they purchased. That’s something Malaysia Hair Imports WILL NOT provide to our cliental. I’m not talking down about their hair extensions but our clients demand the finest extensions of the highest quality. They fully expect their hair to be ready for their scheduled salon visit.

Malaysia Hair Imports do our best to provide authenticity to our clients. We show you stamped passports from countries of origin. We also show you how we collect our hair by showing you raw ponytails or bulk hair (hair without the weft). When you go to and search about us you will find an encyclopedia of information. When you are doing your research on hair extensions and your viewing the numerous websites look for the sites that are trying to educate you. Look for the sites that give you a sense of the comfort. You can live chat with our team. You can call us and ask all the questions you like in regards to our hair extensions. You can purchase our hair knowing that we stand behind our product and you.

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