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100% Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions





We supply the best Remy Hair Extensions


Malaysia Hair imports were established in 2012 and founded by a U.S Military Veteran. His vision was to be a global leading human hair manufacturer, import and exporter of 100% human Remy hair goods, fashion wigs, Cranial Prosthesis wigs, men’s hair pieces, and high end human Remy hair extensions.

He has more than achieved this goal by building factories and stores in Thailand. Come and see the wide range of products at our stores.

Feel free to view our wigs and range of hair extensions.

We are an American owned and operated hair company and manufacturer based in Bangkok Thailand.

Our company collects and source all our raw hair ethically. We manufacture and ship every product from our office headquarters in Bangkok Thailand,

Our Remy Hair Extensions

A broad spectrum of 100% natural textures and luster is available to customers who wish to embellish their threads with hair that is free from synthetic fibers and of a certified human origin like Cambodia, Burma, and Malaysian. We stand by our hair products.

We make all our products from 100% Human Remy hair and constantly improve our range of products to keep up with the industry.

Give us a try today, spice up your day with a new look and take some selfies with our wide range of extensions.

We are so confident that once you try any of the products from wigs to extensions or even our ponytail that your friends will be envious of the new versatile looks that can be created.

From the moment we source the hair we are cautious and align the cuticles in one direction. After inspection we proceed to clean the hair organically.

Our experienced staff proceeds to sanitize and inspect the hair thoroughly to make sure its virgin Remy without chemicals, colors or dyes in the hair bundles.

Malaysia Hair Imports does not practice or use any of Chinese, Indian hair industry practices.

Our company is a one-stop shop in design, and manufacturing. We have a wide range of 100% human Remy hair goods and our hair is suitable for all ethnic groups.

We are often asked if the hair will suit African American or Asian women and how to install the hair.

The answer to this can be found by browsing our site. We have covered these topics in depth to make things easier for you.

Direct Supplier and Wholesale Vendor


Malaysia Hair Imports provide products to professional human hair wholesalers, hair distributors, retailers,beauty salons, online stores, stylists and hair company startups. Our top quality 100% human Remy hair products are available at competitive prices with extraordinary customer service.

We give you the support to create your brand, provide you with convenient payment options and packaging/label customization.

Because we are a factory, we have access to raw materials and control the quality process, so you can be assured of a great hair product.

Our Wholesale hair program offers low hair pricing that will benefit you, your company and your customers.

Our quality hair products will save you from bad reviews and customer complaints.


Direct Human Hair Manufacturer and Supplier


We are a direct Hair Manufacture and Hair factory, there are no middlemen or out sourcing when you order any of our products.

Please be aware of other companies who do not control their chain of supply. We have heard many bad stories.

In essence, they are acting as middlemen instead.

We source all our REMY hair from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Burma.

We never use fallen hair from temples or any types of Indian or Chinese hair products.


Hair Extensions truth


There are many reasons why we don’t support unethical labor practices, one of which is to maintain quality and high standards. This is why Malaysia Hair Imports pays all employees and donors above the local government minimum wage.


Why Malaysia Hair Imports 100% Human Hair Factory


We believe we are a great company to work with, our company standards are high because we treasure ethical values

Malaysia Hair upholds its reputation as a top rated hair factory in the industry today. We only make 100% human Remy hair products and you can see from our reviews that we have very happy customers.

Our company caters to many types of hair businesses like salons, boutiques, and vendors around the world, all of which are thrilled with our 100% Cambodian, Burmese and Malaysian Remy hair.

We care for our customers, and understand how important it is for them to be able to trust the hair company,

If you are looking for a new hair vendor, we are ready to supply a quality product that can take your hair business and reputation to the next level or enhance your everyday hair look and save you money with 100% human Remy hair.



We Specialize In the 100% Remy Hair Industry


We enjoy a well-earned reputation with our Cambodian Hair Extensions, Malaysian Hair Extensions and Burmese Hair Extensions in the fashion industry. Hollywood’s stars and celebrities choose us for their natural looking hair extensions,

Our hair weaves and custom wigs look great both on and offsets. We offer the best quality hair and most extensive range of 100% natural hair textures,.

All our Lace front, full lace wigs and hair extensions come in various custom colors.


Wigs for Kids


100% Remy Hair Wigs for Kids are individually made for a perfect fit. We want children to continue their daily activities such as sports, swimming,running etc. without ever having to worry about their hairpieces falling off.

Children receiving these custom made hairpieces gain their confidence back before they suffered from the medical condition that caused their hair loss.


Cranial Prosthesis Wigs


These Wigs are suitable for Hair loss which affects more than 30 million women today. Cranial Prosthesis  are perfect for women suffering from long term or permanent hair loss due to a medical condition such as chemotherapy, alopecia.


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men and Women


We provide non-surgical hair replacement systems to men and women for those suffering from all forms of hair loss. We provide individually tailored hair systems to suit your type of hair loss and your lifestyle.


Our Hair Products Mission Statement


Continuous Improvement –

Becoming a better version of ourselves is essential to the core of Malaysia Hair Imports.


Rolling up our Sleeves –

Customer Service, Quality Products and Educating Customers and vendors a like on our 100% Human Hair Products,.



We believe in being 100% honest with our clients and vendors.



Malaysia Hair Imports will strive to provide creative, new hair products and solutions to stay on top of fashion hair trends.



Our work is our art, we demonstrate attention to detail and offer the highest quality 100% human hair on the market today.





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