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Remy Hair:

They say the way a person looks can tell a lot about the character of such a person. As a matter of fact, this can never be wrong. Remy hair is the latest trend that has captured the attention of many fashion fanatics. If you are the kind of lady who takes fashion seriously and believes it comes with a hefty price tag, then this is the kind of hair to go for. It is the type of hair weave and extension that will automatically attract envious glances wherever you pass-by. It is the ideal option if not the only way for attaining a natural look.

Remy hair for a fact is the highest grade hair derived from real natural human hair. They are the most expensive when compared to the ordinary non-remy hair.Despite this, many still go for it since they get an assurance that what they receive is worth their hard-earned dime. This hair is the best since it is made of 100% natural human hair, and since human hair are the best and last longer, you are assured of longer lasting and natural looking wigs and extensions. With this kind of hair the cuticles are kept intact and they are all alligned in one direction. This will give you nothing short of a completely natural look.

This type of hair is regarded as the best since it has taken into consideration the various financial capabilities of its esteemed customers. Six quality categories of the hair are available and these vary due to processing and the grading length. They are broadly sub-divided into either virgin or non-virgin remy hair. The only difference between these two is that virgin hair is free from any chemical treatments whereas non-virgin hair has been subjected to some chemical alteration, commonly change of color. You will also get different hair lengths per weft among these three categories. These include the single drawn and double drawn hair.With the single drawn you get different lengths of hairs but with double the strands are of same length. The double drawn are thus more expensive than single drawn.

Remy hair can be purchased from different parts of the world. Malaysian remy hair extensions and wigs are the most popular because of their natural texture and color. Many prefer this type since it helps them stand-out from the rest of the crowd. As a woman, you will find this hair intriguing since it gives you a unique outlook.

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