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The Only Sure Way to Authentic Real Virgin Remy Hair


There are various options to choose from when it comes to the type of hair extensions or wig to buy. However, one can never be wrong when it comes to Remy virgin hair. These accessories are top notch and this explains why they are highly priced. The effort involved in handling and packaging the extensions are sophisticated and demand a lot of care. They last for a long time too and blend easily with all varieties of hair.

Remy virgin hair serves many purposes. Women who experience hair loss and thinning of hair can install hair extensions so as to add back fullness into their own hair. They also serve to add length to healthy hair and therefore anyone can install them. They enhance one’s beauty and boost their confidence.

The flipside to Remy hair extensions is the non-remy or normal hair extensions. With the non-remy, the roots and tips of the hairs are all mixed up. There is no unidirectional lining of the strands as the case is with Remy hair. Virgin Malaysian Remy is the most popular variety and easily blends with women from diverse cultural backgrounds. The single drawn hairs normally vary in length since they are acquired from one head. Some other popular Remy extensions include Brazilian, Indian, and European Remy. The general characteristic of all virgin remy hair weaves is that they are straight, curly, and wavy.


Remy Virgin Hair


The best way if not the only way to stay authentic and trendy is to install Virgin Remy hair. Virgin Remy extensions refer to hairs that have not been subjected to any chemical alterations. They are therefore naturally stronger compared to non-virgin ones. They are also longer lasting. They can last up to 2 years since they are superior in quality.

With remy virgin hair the cuticles are usually untouched and not altered. They are also arranged in one direction. This makes them resistant to tangling and matting. With this type of hair extensions, one is guaranteed of booking their next meeting with their hair stylist many months to come. They should only be well maintained using various ideal Remy hair management techniques. You can have a totally new look overnight by installing Remy hair extensions. They enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. However, buyers should be aware that original and authentic Remy extensions are expensive and therefore if you get dealers claiming to sell cheap Remy hair extensions, think twice before paying for it.