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The number one reason why so many people choose Malaysia Hair Imports is because we offer high quality Real 100% virgin human hair.

#1. Our hair is 100% virgin that is not temple fallen hair,untouched,unspoiled and 100% Unprocessed , meaning has never been treated in any way and is completely unprocessed.

#2. We our a Factory direct retail and wholesale supplier that takes 100% control of our business from collecting hair from the donors, washing and drying it, to bringing it back to our headquarters were we hand make our Virgin hair products.

#3.Our Hair products, are made to order guaranteeing you absolute satisfaction and the best quality on the market today. When you purchase extensions, wigs, wholesale or related products from Malaysia Hair Imports Exports you purchase a promise of satisfaction guarantee.

#4.Since all of our hair products are made from virgin human hair they move freely and with the natural movement of your own hair so will look, feel, and style as natural hair. We take care to make sure that all of the cuticles are fully intact and run in the same direction so our products will not tangle or mat together. This results in a very nice luster that you will not find in any other brand of hair extensions on the market today. In addition, taking care of the cuticles also serves the double purpose of protecting the hair so that it does not weaken or tangle. Therefore, the hair will last for a much longer period of time and remain looking great.

#5. The hair origins we use is great for hair extensions, wigs and also is a perfect match for weave ins , our natural hair comes in different textures and natural colors from 1B to a Natural #3

#6. For those who may not be aware, our virgin hair is hair that is collected from a living donor as i repeat living donor. Malaysia Hair Import Export Co LTD takes legal and ethical responsibilities of collecting, purchasing and donated hair collection points most seriously condemning temple hair, dead body hair and all other unethical ways of selling hair.

#7. At no point has the hair been colored, chemically processed, dyed, or permed. It is simply pure hair that grows from the origin of donors. Our Virgin hair comes from Villages in Cambodia, South and North of Thailand, Malaysia Border Towns and the country of Burma, the virgin hair is mostly natural straight but depending on where it is sourced from it sometimes can have a natural curly, kinky, way or thicker texture to it. 

#8. With our Virgin hair you can use high pressure heating can be used to add curls, color , and even perm and it will always be soft and feel natural when you run your hands through it if done by a professional stylist or experience person.

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