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Our Remy Hair

The number one reason why so many people choose Malaysia Hair Imports is that we offer high-quality Remy Human Hair. Our hair is 100% virgin hair which is untouched and unspoiled. It has never been treated in any way and is completely unprocessed. We collect the hair from the donors and then proceed to wash and dry the hair. Once the hair is clean and passes our quality control tests, we pack and send the hair to our headquarters where we commence the process of hand-making most of our hair extension products.

Most of our products are made to order which allows us to guarantee the quality and helps us to meet our customer’s expectations. When you purchase hair extensions, wigs, or other related products from Malaysia Hair Imports you can be assured of 100% quality and satisfaction.

Our Remy human hair moves freely and follows the natural movement of your own hair. We achieve this by ensuring all of the cuticles are intact and assemble the hair strands to run in a uniform direction. This results in a very beautiful natural luster that you will not likely find in other brands of hair extensions. Taking care of the cuticles serves the double purpose of protecting the hair so that it does not weaken or tangle which results in the hair extensions lasting for a much longer period of time. The hair we use is great for hair extensions and also a perfect match for weaves.



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