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Wigs For Kids


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  • Blends seamless with natural or relaxed hair.
  • 100% Raw and Unprocessed hair.  Absolutely no synthetic, Mixed Fibers.
  • Cut directly from a single donor
  • Hair Weft is Flat and secure
  • Density: Thick,
  • Medium-Low luster
  • Can hold a Curls
  • Longevity: Can last up to 1 year or more.
  • Hair can be colored.

Full Description

Recommended hair bundles 

  • 12-14 inches: 2 or more bundles required,
  • 16-23 inches: 3 or more bundles required
  • 24-32 inches: 4 or more bundles required


Wigs For Kids is here for you when a child encounters hair loss through chemotherapy, alopecia or any other type of condition which causes distress.

Our children’s wigs are natural and made with 100% human hair. We craft and hand make children’s hair systems for their specific needs.

The wigs are lightweight in design and feature a mono filament top to give a realistic satisfying and comfortable fit.

Wig Styles

You can cut and style our wigs to suit the needs of the child and choose from our wide range of textures and custom colors.

Let us help you gain your child’s confidence back since we have vast experience in this field.

We are happy to advise and guide you through this process which can be daunting. Our knowledge will guide you through the steps to make the correct choices and decide on the right styles to suit your child.


Known Conditions

We provide affordable 100% human hair replacement options for kids who suffer from alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is a condition where you experience consistent and worsening hair loss over a long period of time.

It is also possible that the immune system  mistakenly attacks the hair follicles or it can be an adverse effect of cancer, chemotherapy, trichotillomania, and alopecia.

Cranial Prosthesis

Our wigs for kids

(Includes Wig Instructions on how to manage, care for, wash and clean the children’s wigs.)

Custom Wig: All wigs are custom, so allow a lead time of 4-8 Weeks for shipping.

Details: 100% Remy Human Hair with Freestyle Parting. These wigs can be worn in high ponytails which is suitable for young girls.

Please email or call us since we only feature a few examples wigs online.

At Malaysia Hair Imports we promise to make the perfect wig unit for your child.

Children Grants from Organizations:

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation has a program, named as the Ascot Fund. This program offers grants or financial assistance to women who intend to purchase full cranial prosthesis or full lace wigs. However, not everyone qualifies under the statutes of the Ascot Fund. Contact the National Alopecia Areata Foundation at 415-472-3780 to find out if you are eligible and to request an application.


Once you receive your application, you are required to attach a wig invoice. Please put your order through us to obtain this. If you still require assistance, please call our office.

The American Cancer Society also provides assistance through Wig Banks spread across the country and you may inquire about programs the organization and the banks can offer you. You can contact the American Cancer Society to find out the closest wig bank to your place of residence.

Insurance Coverage for Full Cranial Prosthesis

Many insurance companies cover the expense of full cranial prosthesis if women are opting for it due to alopecia areata. Some insurance companies can offer partial coverage while some may offer full coverage that will pay for the entire full lace wig.

However, bear in mind that when such wigs or solutions have to be covered by insurances, the term used for full lace wig must be changed to full cranial prosthesis.

A full lace wig can be for cosmetic purposes alone but when it is referred to as full cranial prosthesis, it then becomes a medical wig solution for alopecia aerate.

If you are making claims or plan to get a medical expert to recommend the full lace wig for you, please use the term “Full Cranial Prosthesis”, in the prescription or application for coverage and also in the claim for every document.

The cost of full cranial prosthesis is sometimes covered by many medical insurance companies.

You can call up your insurance provider for wigs for kids and find out if such coverage is applicable or you can read the terms of your insurance policy.

You must also note that the cost of a full cranial prosthesis can be a tax-deductible expense.

  • Please take this into consideration when making your length selections.
  • Available in natural 1b black and #2 brown color tones ONLY.
  • Each bundle weighs between 3.0-3.3 ounces
wigs for kids


Can I Dye Or Colour the Hair?

Yes, our hair is 100% natural human hair, you can dye, bleach or restyle to it.
However, frequently dye or perm will do harm on the hair, even destroy it, please do not try to do it so frequently. and don’t remember to nutrition the hair with good quality hair conditioner.

We recommend professional license hair coloring stylist

Return & Exchange Policy?

You can return or get a full refund of your order within 7 days you receive and sign for your order, the hair in its original state and not unbundled by the original ties.

If there’re quality problems, please contact us and provide to take videos and pictures when you open the package and examine the quality carefully.

When Will My Order Ship?

We highly recommend that you do not make any hair appointments until your hair has been delivered. During sales and promos, order processing times will be higher and take additional processing times.

Special requests such as color/or special textures in the order notes will fall into the additional processing times category.

We highly recommend all new customers review our complete shipping & payments policy prior to ordering. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

What Is the Grade of our hair?

The grade is just a term Chinese company use with there mixed hair but nothing is set in stone or govern by any government agency. Our hair is a High-quality 100% single donor Remy hair with cuticles intact, cuticles aligned, unprocessed and the best quality from a single donor per bundle. 

3 Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Wigs For Kids

  1. Victoria J.

    Superior quality !! I love this wig we got for my kid customer service was excellent.

  2. amanda will

    the hair is nice and great colour, i love it.

  3. Victoria P

    3rd time ordering, same quality every time

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