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Mens Hair Systems

Mens Hair Systems Description

The base: Mono – Full Lace – Thin Skin


The base size: 8”X10”, which could be cut down to an appropriate size or email us your size for a custom order.

The density: 120%(medium).

The hairstyle: freestyle, which could be combed to other hairstyles

The hair length is 6”.

Hair type: 100% human hair

Hair Color: After Order Please send us your hair color and picture

The expected using time: 6-8 months with good care.

Mens Remy Hair Systems

The Best 100% Remy Human Hair Men’s Hair Systems

Our Men’s hair Systems for men are top quality hair replacement that looks and feels just like your own hair and give you a full head of hair again. All you men out there who are experiencing hair loss and do not want to undergo an invasive, painful surgical and very costly procedure need no longer despair. Malaysia Hair Imports has the answer with a premium yet affordable range of hair systems. Get it customized as per your specifications by our team of hair replacement specialists and look stunning again effortlessly!

TV celebrities, movie stars, and politicians prefer top quality hair wigs and hair systems for men over painful hair transplant surgery that’s why they come to Malaysia hair imports. Besides being completely risk-free and a complete solution for natural hair-loss, our men’s hair systems bring the freedom of multiple hairstyles and a completely natural look. Why go for an expensive and painful surgical procedure when you can get the confidence of full hair with our non-surgical hair replacement systems and hair wigs for men ?

Our men’s hair systems can be customized for everyone to ensure a unique experience. Our hair systems for men have now set the bar extremely high because they are made from high-quality 100% human hair.

Malaysia Hair Imports makes a vast variety of men’s hair systems and hair wigs which include the super thin skin V-looped hair system,We also have  French lace hair systems, monofilament hair systems, Flat Injected hair systems, Swiss Lace hair systems, and much more! Our hair wigs for men are designed strictly as per your head specifications which mean supreme comfort, perfect, fit, and 100% natural appearance. To further enhance customer experience, we also offer a hair cutting and fitting service at our Bangkok location.


Custom Mens Hair Systems


Malaysia Hair Imports custom hair systems are ordered by our clients from all over the world. We customize hair replacement systems to your exact requirements in terms of base size, hair density, hair length, hair color, hair type, gray hair, and so on to make sure that you get a truly perfect and personalized hair replacement system. Whether you want a lace hair system, a skin hair system or a mono hair system, we will make sure that your custom-made hairpiece is undetectable, long- lasting, and perfect in every way. Check out some of our most popular custom hair replacement systems below. If your confused, simply contact us to learn more.


Men’s Hair System Bases types:


Full Lace Hair Systems

Considering a full lace hair system for all-weather comfort? Our lace hair replacement systems are natural looking, breathable, French lace and Swiss lace are hugely popular.


Lace Front Hair Systems

If you need natural looking front hairline men’s hair systems, try one of our lace front hair systems. Malaysia Hair Imports lace front hair replacement systems including thin skin with lace front, mono with lace front, PU with lace front.


Skin Hair Systems

Our thin skin hair systems look and feel great, they are also some of the easiest to glue and clean. We provide both transparent and durable skin hair systems and extremely natural looking ultra-thin skin hair systems for men.


Monofilament Systems

Our monofilament systems are very strong and durable. This is great for more active men, who swim and engage in daily fitness activities.



4 reviews for Mens Hair Systems

  1. Tiara J

    Very soft , smelled so good , I love this hair.

  2. Davis Mercure

    It took 7 days to get to me but the hair is still great

  3. Liam Foy

    Natural 100% human , I am very happy with the hair I purchase.

  4. David James

    It looks very good on me. This is the best ever !!! Thank you

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