Wholesale Hair Samples




Get Your Samples For Hair Weave Extensions


If you are doing hair weave wholesale business, buying your first small order is very essential.

Sample is very important for clients to know a new company, so we accept sample orders, the minimum order is one bundle only.  But we would advise you to buy 3-4 bundles or more instead of just buying one bundle. Because there have a few grades and different hair textures for hair extensions, buy a few bundles in different hair grades, you will find out hair quality difference and you will know which one is suitable for your hair market. On the other hand, shipping for 3-4 bundles will be as same as one bundle shipping fee.


After you receiving your hair and testing hair, then you can make a further decision for your wholesale hair extensions orders. This is the right and easy way to find a reliable hair supplier.

Join us today, we will help to make your business lucrative, and you will fee our sincerity of doing business with you all the way.

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