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The number one reason why so many people choose Malaysia Hair Imports is that we offer high-quality virgin human hair. Our hair is 100% virgin hair that is untouched and unspoiled. It has never been treated in any way and is completely unprocessed. We take control of our business from collecting hair from the donors, washing and drying it, to bringing it back to our headquarters where we hand make most of our hair extension products. Many are made to order guaranteeing you absolute satisfaction. When you purchase hair extensions, wigs, or related products from Malaysia Hair Imports you purchase a promise of satisfaction.


Since all of our hair products are made from virgin human hair they move freely and with the natural movement of your own hair. We take care to make sure that all of the cuticles are fully intact and run in the same direction. This results in a very nice luster that you will not find in any other brand of hair extensions. In addition, taking care of the cuticles also serves the double purpose of protecting the hair so that it does not weaken or tangle. Therefore, the hair extensions will last for a much longer period of time and remain safe. The hair we use is great for hair extensions and also is a perfect match for weaves.


100% Human Virgin Hair chemically processed


For those who may not be aware, virgin hair is hair that is collected from a living donor. At no point has the hair been colored, chemically processed, dyed, or permed. It is simply pure hair that grows from the donor. Virgin hair is oftentimes straight but depending on where it is sourced from it sometimes can have a natural wave or thicker texture to it. Sometimes high-pressure heating can be used to add a bit of curl or to change the texture of hair if need be. It will always be soft and feel natural when you run your hands through it.


One thing great about shopping with Malaysia Hair Imports is that we prepare the hair from start to finish. Although we supply our hair extension and hair products to many wholesalers or distributors, we do not work with any when it comes to production. Our team is involved in every step of the process from collecting donor hair to cleaning it to hand making it into hair extensions. We believe that this hands-on approach is what allows us to guarantee you the perfect virgin hair with every order.


It also helps cut out the middleman which makes our product much more affordable for you. Due to the fact that we do all of the work we do not carry the high costs of overhead that other hair companies do. Therefore, Malaysia Hair Imports is able to offer you a great selection of prices that are some of the most affordable in the marketplace. High quality and low prices is a combination that is hard to beat, and it is just one more reason why you should start and end up your hair extension shopping with us.



Our hair extensions are by far our number one selling products



Our hair extensions are by far our number one selling product, but we also offer many more products. Within our large array of hair extensions we offer I Tip Hair Extensions, Tape In Hair Extensions, Micro Loop Hair Extensions, Silk Frontal Closures, Lace Frontal Closures, and braiding hair. We also offer Hair Extension Bundle deals and Virgin hair samples if you want to see our products up close. In addition, we have a hair extension color ring that is a great choice for hair salons or stylists to have on hand for their clients.

Malaysia Hair Imports aims to meet every hair need which is why outside of Hair Extension shopping we also offer plenty of other products. For instance, our Virgin Silk Base Wigs are also one of our top selling products and are so natural no one will know it is not your hair. All of our hair products offer virgin hair from Malaysia, Burma, or Cambodia offering a full array of textures and style so that you can achieve the perfect hairstyle with the perfect texture with our product range.



We know hair we have decades of combined experience in the beauty industry and over 7 years at the top of the virgin hair Industry. We’ve used the knowledge and relationships we’ve cultivated over many years to consistently achieve the ultimate balance of quality and value in our virgin hair products.

Our customers trust us time and time again because of the quality and value of our hair products. We inspect every bundle thoroughly to ensure it exceeds the hair industry standards, and we handle them with the utmost care until they are promptly delivered to you. We’re proud of the Malaysia Hair Imports brand.




  • We’re proud to provide the best 100% virgin hair products around the world.
  • All of our products are guaranteed to be pure virgin hair: un-dyed, untreated, healthy, and beautiful.
  • At Malaysia Hair Imports Is one of the most trusted Hair Factory of virgin hair extensions, we work hard to consistently provide all of our customers globally with the best human hair extensions.



Our Hair is single drawn one donor and  100% Remy virgin human hair. Because of this, Malaysia Hair Imports Hair is of superior quality, blend naturally with your own hair and can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, and/or curled using hot tools, just like your own hair!


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