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The Truth of Malaysia Hair Extensions sold on the Hair Industry market.


What is Malaysian Hair? Malaysia Hair Imports sources and names our hair Malaysian because we source the hair ponytails from donors on the border of Malaysia that is Thailand, Indonesian, and Asian villager nomads.

Real Malaysian Virgin Hair is almost a myth because most of the Malaysia populations religion is Muslim and the ladies do not cut there hair for the hair industry.

So what is your Malaysian Hair?


Our Malaysian Hair Is 100% Virgin Natural Straight Asain Hair.



Why don’t your Malaysia hair comes in different textures?


Because 90% of Asian people have naturally straight hair is very rare to see Asain hair curly, deeply wavy.


Why does other company sell wavy and curly Malaysian hair?



1. The Hair Company does not know what they’re selling or what is real hair or fake hair extensions.

2. The hair industry not regulated and can brand there hair and lie to the consumer without any government agency fines or regulations.

3. The hair company is buying the hair already from a vendor usually Chinese company on Aliexpress or Alibaba that have steam, premed and pressed mixed hair with synthetic fibers.



Why buy Malaysia Hair Imports, Malaysian Hair Extensions because we want you to have the best virgin hair extensions on the market with a great 100% Virgin hair Price. Are Virgin Malaysian Hair is from single donors natural straight and natural 1b hair color that will blend easily with all types of hair no chemical processing or mixed fibers in our hair extensions or hair products you can check out our 100% Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions?