Wholesale Hair Extensions

Wholesale Hair Extensions 


Malaysia Hair Imports specializes in top quality Virgin Hair Extensions at wholesale hair prices direct from Southeast Asia!

As a leading wholesale hair extension supplier of natural, virgin, human hair extensions, Malaysia Hair Imports is a specialist in single-donor, authentic virgin hair from Malaysia, Cambodia and Burma. Our vast array of hair extension products includes everything from premium, exotic, 100% virgin hair to bulk or raw human hair, at prices fit for any budget. From our offices in Atlanta GA, we are prepared to provide unparalleled customer service, as well as sales and supply services for hair extension products of the finest quality.

As rooted as we are into the ATL business sphere, we know that conducting business with suppliers from overseas is a taxing and time-consuming affair. Aside from the issues of timing, turnovers and delivery arrangements, there’s also the matter of consolidating enormous orders. Ideally located on the East Coast for expedited shipments usually delivered from our warehouse to your location in just 7-10 business days, MHI can be an integral part of your business chain. With industry experience spanning years or even decades, our knowledgeable office staff is standing by to deal with your queries and to settle any demands you may have, easing you through the process of wholesaling, and strengthening our business relationship.

MHI doesn’t trade quality down for cost cutbacks. We stand by our products, and as such, we only match the payments you tender with first-rate products to match your expectations, even if our prices are impossibly low. We trade authentic products of premium origin and we urge our customers to expect nothing but the best hair extensions on the market today. As our products are exclusively and purely made of virgin human hair, free of chemicals and with intact cuticles, they can withstand repeated fitting, washing or professional processing procedures. Lifting or colouring these extensions time and time again should prove effortless. With virgin patterns native to the country the hair originates from, these lustrous locks will dazzle you with their beauty, as well as their hard-wearing texture. To experience firsthand an excellent range of products, of a quality beyond compare, order your samples today.

We cater to clients of all shapes and sizes, from savvy end-users and budding hair stylists to seasoned virgin hair extension resellers and chain boutiques. For a first-hand presentation, price quote and comprehensive wholesale package tailored to your specific business requirements, rely on our professional, prompt staff at any time.

If you’d like to receive your ‘Wholesale Price List’, please click the link provided and enter your company details. Upon confirmation, we will send the price list to the e-mail address provided. We welcome your questions and stand by to help you find what you’re looking for.

Our shipping charges depend on total weight of products purchased. All our sales and return policies apply to wholesale orders, as well. Please be aware that MHI is entirely different to Chinese (Ali Express) suppliers and manufacturers, even if these vendors may use a similar name to ours. We take pride in the fact that we only use 100% virgin hair without silicone or colourants, which aim to replicate an original product. We value our customers’ trust and peace of mind, and this value defines our every business process. Regardless of the hair industry’s unflattering reputation, the MHI wholesale company delivers only top-of-the-line products. We meet the most exacting quality standards. To see for yourself, order a test bundle today.


Delivery schedule:

We begin to process your order upon receipt of clearing of payment. Estimated completion time, shipping included, is 7-10 business days. Should your order include unique products or unusual quantities, we will contact you directly with a delivery estimate can take longer for custom or longer hair due to rare hair lenghts up to 10-14 Business Days.


Drop-shipping partners:

To deliver products directly to your customers on your behalf, using only your company labels and identifiers, and not requiring you to stock any of the products, you can rely on us. We aim to streamline your orders, reducing delivery times and cutting your shipping costs in the process.

(Must Qualify To Become A Dropship Partner)


How does MHI drop-shipping work?

Drop-shipping is an operation where you act on your customers’ behalf, and we, in turn, on yours. It enables you to sell your virgin hair on a platform of your choice, and to manage your prices independently. Once you receive payment, you can proceed to place an order with us, and we will send your products directly to your customer, using the shipping address on record and your company name and labels. All you need is to have your customer base, and we handle the rest. All of the hair we advertise can be drop-shipped.