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Whether you are part of a group of friends that want to save some money on hair extensions, are a new business man or woman looking for a distributor, or simply a stylist that needs to have hair extensions on hand to sell to customers Malaysia Hair Imports has a great wholesale hair extension program for you to take advantage of. Our program offers you a wide selection of products that are competitively priced and all manufactured within the country. We make it easy to do business and offer wholesale prices that are almost a quarter less than retail.

wholesale hair supplier:

We make it very easy for a wholesaler to work with Malaysia Hair Imports. All you have to do is think about what virgin hair products you would like to purchase and then request an information sheet and an order form. There is a link on our website or you can simply email and we will help you through the process. We do require you to order at least 10 bundles per every order however so make sure that you are prepared to order this amount.

wholesale hair supplier:

When we receive your order request one of our sales associates will contact you via phone or email depending on what you noted on the form. Once payment is received and confirmed then orders will be processed and shipped to your address within seven to ten business days based on the size of the order. Larger orders will take slightly larger processing times to pull together as will custom orders in bulk size. The turnaround time is very reasonable when you consider that this includes shipping time as well and we always strive to get our wholesale orders out as quickly as possible.

 wholesale hair supplier:

All of our bundles weigh approximately between 3.5 ounces to 4 ounces. Natural Virgin hair can have slight variations in weight but it will be all the same length and the approximate same amount in every single bundle. Most bundles are a 1B-2 natural shade unless the hair extension or hair product has a specific color noted on the product. You can request a light or dark bundle and we will attempt to accommodate this request but due to the natural variation of hair we cannot guarantee that a bundle will be an exact color shade.

Wholesale Hair Extensions:

We ship out every wholesale order that we receive and do not allow pick up straight from our headquarters even if you happen to be located nearby. If you need a quicker shipping option you can choose our five business day processing and shipping. We do not offer overnight or expedited shipping because in many cases we have to prepare the hair bundles and take great pride in doing so thoroughly so that are hair bundles are high quality every time. This is why our processing requires a certain amount of time. We do not ship on Saturdays but you may occasionally receive a tracking number on a Saturday. Be warned however that the order will not actually ship out until the next business day.


Many people ask if they can purchase less than ten bundles, but at this time our wholesale program requires a minimum of ten bundles to be purchased. The program is designed to offer wholesalers a competitive price as a reward for buying in bulk. At this time we have to cap the minimum at ten in order to allow pricing to remain competitive for all of our wholesale partners. We cherish all of our clients and want to make sure everyone is receiving a great deal on our highly sought after trendy hair extensions.


Once you receive our hair extensions you are free to sell them under any name that you like. As part of the wholesale agreement you do not have an affiliation with Malaysia Hair Imports and are thus free to do with what you like with the products. If you are curious about whether our trendy hair extensions are the right choice for your business we encourage you to look into buying a sample pack. We offer sample packs that contain all three of our top hair types for $45 and an additional $5.99 in shipping and handling. Our sample packs prove that our 100% virgin human hair is the best you will find on the market we are the wholesale hair supplier.