Cambodian Hair Supplier

 Cambodian Hair Supplier


Malaysia hair Imports is a source collection, manufacturing, and wholesale of Cambodian Hair Company based in Bangkok Thailand , we travel every month next door country of, Cambodia. We offer top quality, Cambodian hair directly to small salons and distributors for the same prices or less than the major hair distributors.


​We are sure that we offer the highest quality virgin Cambodian hair extensions for well below the competition. 


Our Cambodian hairs that we stock are so beautiful,  excellently healthy with a naturally soft feel that is so lovely to touch. Cambodian ladies have among the best and highest quality hair in the world. This particular brand of hair is the sort that is irresistible and desirable to ladies that know value for REAL hair.


Cambodian hair has a beautiful range of Lusters; from low, to medium, to high luster. (Luster basically means “natural shine/ glow”).

They also do come in Silky, Slightly Coarse, as well as Coarse textures.

At Malaysia Hair Imports we source our 100% hair from Cambodian female hair-donors for its’ purest quality. These Virgin hairs are cut off from the heads of the donors. Before it is cut, it is tied up firmly in pony tails and then cut. We sell to both Retailers and Final End users.