Wholesale Hair

Wholesale Hair


One of the things that make Malaysia Hair Imports so unique is that they are a one stop shop so to say. There are no middlemen involved in the process and they are involved in every single step of the wholesale hair extension process, from harvesting the hair to later sorting it and then delivering it to the customer. We have workers in-house that carefully take care of the hair we sell you at every step to make sure that you only receive 100% human hair that is high quality and stunning. This is not the case at other shops.


When you look at hair extensions that are on sale at your local hair store you can bet that they have come from a long list of sources. Usually there is a long supply chain involved in bringing a product to market, which is why the hair extensions also may cost more. When there is a supply chain in place between the manufacturer and consumer everyone must be paid a bit along the way. Usually wholesalers, distributors, and retailers are all involved in the process. Malaysia Hair Imports does not use any of these avenues and that is one reason we are able to offer affordable wholesale hair extensions to our clients.


For those who are interested in the roles of various middlemen in the wholesale hair business, hair extension distributors generally work and represent wholesale hair extension manufacturers. Most distributors create exclusive buying agreements so that distributors have the rights to cover an entire territory without any competition. All prospective buyers must go through the distributor to get to the manufacturer. However, this is generally through large wholesale hair buys since most distributors will not sell directly to consumers. Therefore, distributors focus solely on the larger market and serve as the middleman between large retailers that need wholesale hair and the manufacturers that produce the wholesale hair extensions.


The next group of those in the hair trade is hair extension wholesalers. These wholesale hair buyers tend to purchase a large number of products from distributors in order to get a discount. When a wholesale hair buyer inquiries about a large purchase they gin bargaining power. After all, a large buy means a definite sale and this is something that most distributors will work positively with. In general, when a large wholesale hair buy is being negotiated the distributors will offer a discount based on how much is spent or how many items are being bought. Most wholesale hair extensions that are purchased this way are then sent on their way to retailers. Keep in mind that while wholesalers get the discount, the same percentage of savings is generally not passed onto the final customers.


The last group involved in the common wholesale hair trade is hair extension retailers. These retailers can range from a small business to a large profitable business. All of the retailers sell the hair extension products straight to the consumers. In order to turn a profit, retailers look for products from suppliers that offer great pricing so that they can mark up the price. Retailers generally purchase a smaller amount of the item from the wholesaler or distributor so they will not get the same savings as the original wholesaler, but do not have to worry about leftover stock.