Hair Extension Affiliate Program

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 Hair Extensions Affiliate Program:

Malaysia Hair Imports creates some of the best hair extension products in the marketplace. While many hair extension manufactures will not tell you where they source their materials from, Malaysia Hair Imports is very open about their sourcing, processing, distributing, and wholesale business. We are the picture of transparency and that is why we are the perfect company to work for you are interested in becoming an affiliate. Anyone with interest in the beauty industry, passion to succeed, and knowledge of hair extensions is a good candidate for becoming a member of our Hair Extension Affiliate Program.


We welcome anyone with an interest in hair extensions or even a great experience with our hair extensions to take a look at what we have to offer and then potentially help us market. All of our hair extensions are made out of 100% virgin human hair and are highly recommended by those who have tried them. We currently have many affiliates working for us with experience in hairy styling, salon owners, and others who simply have a large social media following that want to build on our brand image along with us. Our product is easy to market because its high quality just about markets itself!


If you are interested in taking part in our Hair Extension Affiliate Program then we invite you to send us an email and register to become a member of our affiliate family. Once we receive your information we will review it and then contact you we select you to join our team of affiliates. When we contact you will go over the details of what we expect you to do as a Malaysia Hair Import affiliate and how often you will need to participate to remain a part of the program. In order to remain an affiliate you simply have to complete everything noted on a monthly basis.


It will be easy to tell if you are following instructions because your sales will represent your effort. Every month you will receive a payout via PayPal that is essentially a sales commission on all of the orders that you helped gather. Thus, there is no debate about how much work you have done as an affiliate since your commissions will speak for themselves. You decide how much effort you want to put into the position as part of the Hair Extension Affiliate Program, but with our great selling hair extensions marketing our product should not be difficult.



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