Hair Extension Stores


Hair Extension Stores:

If you run a salon or are a professional stylist then you are probably always looking for raise to increase your profits and retail revenue. It can be hard to move merchandise in a salon setting, but it is possible if you have the right partners. Malaysia Hair Imports would love to be your partner by offering you the chance to sell our hair extension products. Our hair extensions are made out of 100% natural virgin hair and are so suburb that they practically sell themselves. After your clients try out our hair extensions they will never want to try any other product.


As a stylist you want to offer your clients only the best hair extension products, and you likely don’t appreciate when customers bring in their own hair extensions of inferior quality. A stylist knows when the hair extensions are not going to hold or look the way a customer envisions, but if you don’t have any stock on hand there may not be much you can do. If you start selling our hair extensions however you never have to worry about that happening. We guarantee with the right care our high quality hair extensions will last for at least a year.


As a business owner you want to offer a premium product but you also want to make money. You can easily achieve both of these things because a happy customer will mean they will be back. The end result will be an increase in your profits, and they will likely recommend you to their friends meaning even more business. Of course, they will also recommend the high quality hair extensions and before too long you will really start to see why so many other retail salons have already partnered up to sell our products.


When you sell products from Malaysia Hair Imports you receive natural hair extensions that are made 100% from human hair sourced from Cambodia, Burma, or Malaysia. The cuticle is intact on every strand of hair that we sell so you can rest assured it is all healthy hair. From a business point of view, you also receive our very affordable wholesale prices and flexible online ordering. Of course, we offer fast shipping options so that your hair extensions are always available when needed. In addition, we also have an exclusive member network waiting for you. If you are ready to sign up contact us and find out how you can become a Malaysia Hair Import hair extension retailer today.