Hair Salons Extensions

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Hair Salons Extensions

Gain loyalty and Referral from your clients means more profit more money by selling premium virgin hair extensions from your salon or styling chair!

Whether you own a hair salon or work at a hair salon you are the perfect partner to work with Malaysia Hair Imports to ensure that your customers always receive high quality hair extensions. The quality of the hair extensions they use in their hair reflect on the reputation of your saloon since the end result of their hair style depends heavily on the extensions. Therefore, you want to provide them with the top hair extensions in the industry so that you have satisfied customers every single time. A satisfied customer tells other about your service and returns for more appointments in the future.


Malaysia Hair Imports offers a premium product that is guaranteed to last for at least a year if not more with proper care and maintenance. We also offer a wide variety of hair extensions so that you can fulfil your client’s needs in any method required. All of our hair extensions are made out of 100% virgin human hair sourced from Malaysia, Burma, or Cambodia directly by our own agents. We also take care of all care and cleaning to ensure that the final product has all cuticles intact and is as healthy as the natural hair on your head.


We partner regularly with stylists and salon owners that are ready to offer their customers a top product at an affordable price. We offer all of our partners fashion shipping turnaround time so that you can easily set an appointment for hair extensions without any worry that the product will arrive on time. You can choose to order as an on needed basis or on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the demand that you have for hair extensions within your saloon and your client base. Regardless of how you order we can promise excellent hair extensions within an excellent time frame.


All of our partners receive 100% natural human hair as part of our wholesale program which also means that they are sold at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in offering wholesale prices to our partners so that you can pass on the savings to your customers while still making a bit of profit. Our flexible ordering program meets the individual needs of every stylist or salon owners and we also offer educational opportunities for those who want to take their partnership further. To get started as a partner to Malaysia Hair Imports simply fill out our contact form and we will be in touch soon.


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