Salon Partner Program

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Salon Partner Program:

As a top manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of hair extensions made out of 100% virgin human hair Malaysia Hair Imports is proud to be a supplier to many saloon owners and cosmetologists. We regularly experience bulk purchases from many of our top partners who recognize the high quality of our hair extensions. However, we also realize that building a large inventory of hair extensions can be a difficult task for some salons. This is why we offer an innovative salon partner program that helps streamline the way you company utilizes our hair extensions.


The aim of our Salon Partner Program is twofold: to help partners benefit from selling out top hair extensions and to help make it easier for partners to offer top quality human hair extensions to their customers. We have been able to do this by cutting back on bulk inventory for your business while still allowing you to get the hair extensions that you need. When you partner with Malaysia Hair Imports we allow you to place an order for hair extensions after a client makes an appointment for installation. We will have it shipped to your store prior to the appointment so that you are always ready to meet your clients’ needs.


We are also in the beauty industry, and we realize how hard it can be to have bulk inventory of all beauty products on hand at all times. We make it easy to purchase hair extensions as needed with the option to order every appointment or simply once a week. You choose how often you need to order your hair extensions, we simple ship them out once we receive your request. This way you do not have to worry about purchasing excess product or finding space to house all of our hair extensions.


Once you sign up it only takes four steps to make full use of our Salon Partner Program. First of course, make sure you contact Malaysia Hair Imports. To do this simply email Once you are enrolled there are only three easy steps left for you to maximize your membership.


The second step is simply placing an order. When your client is ready for hair extensions simply head online to our website and place your hair extension order. If you prefer, you can also call us directly to place your hair extension order.


Third, you just have to tell us where to ship your product. Some salons prefer that the hair extensions be sent directly to them while others allow it to directly ship to customers. You choose, and we will get it out on time.


Finally, all that you have to do is schedule your appointment with your client, because you can rest assured we will have it out to you in plenty of time!