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Wholesale Hair Price List

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Wholesale Hair Price List

Malaysia Hair Imports holds their relationship with large scale distributors and wholesalers in special regard. We work hard to make sure that the wholesale relationship is beneficial for everyone in evolved. In fact, most of our customers are wholesalers, but we also are willing to make special arrangements for boutiques and individuals that want to place orders with us as well.

In order to meet every client’s specific needs, we are able to customize and tailor our wholesale packages to fulfill a certain need. To this end, Malaysia Hair Imports welcomes any type of order in any volume and we are always on standby ready to fill orders that will satisfy your demand.


Wholesale Hair

We only have one condition that all buyers must meet in order to qualify to place an order. All buyers must purchase 1kg of hair or ten bundles depending on which condition is met first. We have this guideline in place because it ensures that we will be able to continue to offer low prices for all of our clients that you can pass them on to your customers as well.


When planning to place an order it should also be noted that all shipping charges are individually configured based on the total shipping weight of an order. Additionally, our return and sales policies are in place for both retail and wholesale orders so be sure to read them beforehand if you have any concerns or questions.

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There are two different ways that you can obtain a price list from Malaysia Hair Imports if you are interested in placing a wholesale or bulk order. We invite you to email us by sending a request for the price list to [email protected]. Within the email please provide us with all of your pertinent business information including the company name and the name and phone number of the representative that you would like us to contact. You should also include the contact email of the representative that will be placing the order and the details or what type of virgin hair order you are interested in placing. We check our email regularly and will return your message via email or phone within a reasonable time frame.

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You may also visit our website and use our contact form to directly reach out to us. Simply fill in the requested fields and we will contact you about a wholesale price list. Similarly to the email, you need to enter a contact email address for the representative in charge of the order and details about the type of virgin hair order you are interested in.