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 Malaysia Hair Imports is providing Wholesale Hair Vendors you top virgin hair quality products at most competitive price with extraordinary customer service.

We will give you the support to create your own brand, convenient payment options, financing,  packaging or label customization. Because we have own factory in Bangkok Thailand, we have access to raw materials and restrict control of all quality process, so you can be always assured of your hair quality and clients’ positive feedback.

Our wholesale discounts on already-low prices will benefit you and your customers so you are saving and making money at the same time on 100% virgin hair!


We are a 100% Raw Unprocessed cuticle aligned Virgin Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese human hair Wholesale and virgin hair factory. With many years of experience in the hair manufactures Importer, Exporters, Distributors, and Vendors hair wholesale industry were among the best virgin hair distributors in the world. We work closely with various worldwide companies, online hair stores smaller hair salons to provide them with the high-quality hair products they need for their hair extensions and wigs store. We use only 100% Raw Virgin unprocessed human hair. Every single one of our products is created from Remy/Remi hair and raw virgin hair, guaranteeing the quality. We are firm believers of the notion that natural raw unprocessed hair extensions are quite hard to make and we always give it our all to bring our clients the satisfaction they are paying for. Our Bangkok hair factory is tirelessly working to meet any volume of the raw human hair just contact us and we will discuss your needs and how we can help you.

We are proud to claim that the hair we produce is 100% natural and is treated only with natural products. We never use chemicals, because they usually damage the hair and make it lose its natural shine and durability. Our products are aimed to last for the long term use, not like China hair company hair. Here is why you can trust us to be your hair, wholesale distributor:

  • Natural Textures – Straight, Wavy, Curly, Kinky– at the best price list ;

  • 100% single donor ethically sourced, Raw unprocessed Cambodian, Malaysian, Burmese hair;

  • Expert Hair Factory and long-term care for the Unprocessed hair extensions;

  • Many years of experience, with tested and professional business;

  • Discreet, worldwide service.

We’re proud to claim that we are among the hair vendors with the highest quality of 100% Virgin hair. If you are looking to buy hair quality, Malaysia Hair Imports is your company. We will do everything we can to procure you the product you need, in a quick manner, with the professionalism and quality you deserve.

To preserve the structural integrity of the hair, we only let the hair dry in natural sunlight light. Other companies look to quicken the process by using various heating machinery, but this only lowers the quality of the end product, and we never do that so please be patient on your order. We remove any bad hair problems from your order as mentioned, our long-standing expertise and experience allowed us to find the perfect way to cut virgin and to preserve its true form.

Hair extensions use wefts to keep the hair together. We’re using certain types of high-grade weft material for our threads. The material is absolutely comfortable to wear, extremely durable, and safe. We provide you with all kinds of products, including wholesale hair spacial overstock sells at the very affordable price list.

All hair needs to be washed, and we do not consider this step any less important. Using chemicals kills the shine of the hair and can reduce its durability. This is why we are carefully monitoring the temperatures and are always using shampoos and conditioners based on natural herbs and products. We 100% guarantee that this is the best way to treat raw human hair.

We Would love to work together – we’re readily available to promptly answer any questions you may have. We offer virgin hair wholesale to customers worldwide with a quality guarantee. Do you need small or large quantities? What type of hair do you want us to ship? We can get you all kinds of length, body, custom makes colors and highlights. Our products are created without using any heat, glue, or chemicals.

The Beauty In Our Human Hair Extension

Women are obsessed with looking good, and their hair plays an important role. However, not everyone has full hair to flaunt. This is where Malaysia Hair Imports hair extensions from comes into the picture. Our Virgin hair gives you a gorgeous look that distinguishes you from others. You can get the perfect look you have always wanted from raw virgin hair bundles.

A woman’s hair is her crown, which is why a woman needs the best virgin hair. This will bring out your beauty and showcase you in the best light. We stock raw hair extensions that are meant to be your secret accessories in bringing out your beauty.

What Makes Virgin Hair Special

Asian women have the best hair in the world. The smoothness, strength, tensile, shine and thickness of raw Asian hair makes wholesale weft hair extensions a fast selling product by hair vendors in around the world Virgin hair creates a beautiful, lustrous and flowing glory whenever used as a hair extension. Right from birth,  Our Asian hair is well taken care of, and this goes on forever.

There’s a hair culture in Asia that cannot be matched by any other hair type in the world. The shiny and thickness of raw Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese hair bundles are what makes our Virgin hair special and unique. Being able to buy virgin hair from the right hair company will make a lot of difference. There is numerous so-called hair company selling anything as fluffs as virgin hair.

Why You Should Trust Us as a Your New Hair Company

Malaysia Hair Imports hair is a rarity that can only be gotten from us. As an Asian Virgin hair company, we have direct access to the source. We source all of our raw virgin hair. This is further made into wholesale hair extensions and wigs. As a virgin hair company, we are well aware of the best virgin hair. Our type of virgin hair has been exposed only to natural hair treatments.

We have a standard that we strictly adhere to as far as are hair extensions and wigs are concerned. Only virgin hair made into all of the hair products that are sold by us. We are a trusted supplier of wholesale human hair known to be of the highest quality. How to Recognize Authentic Virgin Indian Hair

Our hair described as a virgin if it has never been exposed to any form of chemical treatment. A virgin hair has never been dyed, bleached or permed to effect change to the feel and texture.

Wholesale Hair Vendors

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Our quality is the best

Our quality is the best, 100% virgin human hair, NO chemicals mixes, no colors, no synthetic hair or animal hair

We’re a leading name  100% virgin human hair extensions

Guaranteeing an unnoticeable, natural, comfortable and stylish look 

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