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Our Wholesale Hair is 100% Human Hair



Malaysia Hair Imports is a reliable wholesale hair factory and distributor of 100% Virgin Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese hair. We know how tough it is to find a reputable hair company, hair vendors, and hair distributors to partner with. Say goodbye to inconsistent fake hair, mixed hair, bad hair quality, lousy customer service, and fluctuating hair prices

Leave the hard work to us so you can focus on selling and branding your hair company, let us help you satisfy your clients and customers and grow your business into a successful hair company with our wholesale hair deals.



Wholesale Hair Distributors

Malaysia Hair Imports holds their relationship with our client’s large-scale hair distributors, wholesalers hair vendors, and hair salons in high regard. We work hard to make sure that the commercial relationship is beneficial for everyone involved. In fact, most of our customers are buying wholesale hair form us, but we also make special arrangements for small hair boutiques and individuals that want to place a bulk hair order with us as well.

To meet every client’s specific needs, we are able to customize and tailor our commercial hair packages to fulfill a particular requirement, Malaysia Hair Imports welcomes any type of order in any volume, and we are always on standby and ready to fill orders that will satisfy your demand.

We only have one condition that all buyers must meet to qualify to place a min order. All buyers must purchase 1kg of wholesale hair or ten bundles depending on which state is reached first.

We have this guideline in place because it ensures that we will be able to continue to offer low prices for all of our clients and customers.


Our Human Hair wholesale Prices

We are a direct-to-consumer company, which allows us to pass on the savings to end-users. Malaysia Hair Imports is one of the leading brands in the market, producing high volumes of products every year. For that reason, we enjoy economies of scale, this gives us a natural advantage to craft top-quality hair for a great price.


Wholesale Hair




Why would you like to start a hair business? Is it for the money or is this a business you think you could be passionate about?

Almost everyone sells the hair extensions on the corner or anywhere they can fit in, no matter professional or unprofessional, it may be frustrating for you to find that it is not so easy to get started or grow as fast as you expected.

No worries, let’s figure this out together, Malaysia Hair Imports are here to help build your business step by step.



Is there a minimum hair order quantity for Wholesale Hair?

Yes, there is a minimum order quantity needed. The minimum order for wholesale pricing is 1KG order that’s 10 bundles of Weft or Bulk hair. The more you buy, the more discounts you get.



How to pay for my hair order?


Once you confirm the price, you can pay for your order by Western Union, Money Gram, transfer (T/T), or PayPal, a +5% extra charge will be applied to your order price if you choose PayPal.

Once the payment is complete, we will inform you of payment confirmation as soon as possible, please remember we are 12 hours ahead of eastern U.S time


wholesale hair










Wholesale Hair Products and Wigs



We Manufacture, retail and wholesale hair the highest quality 100% Virgin Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese hair at a very competitive price.

Don’t keep experimenting with so-called wholesale virgin hair vendors that really are drop shippers, Alexpress / Alibaba resellers, your search for a wholesale manufacturer of 100% Virgin human hair extensions ends here today!

Are you an established hair business, salon, or startup and thinking of letting us be your hair supplier?

We guarantee that our hair products will increase your revenue and customer base. Its time to get serious about your hair business, hair extensions your brand, and start selling.

When planning to place an order, it should be noted that all shipping charges are individually configured based on the total shipping weight of the order. Additionally, our return and sales policies are in place for both retail and wholesale orders so be sure to read them beforehand.

Alternatively, contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Send us an email if you are interested in placing a wholesale or bulk order and please provide us with all of your pertinent business information including the company name and the name and phone number of the representative that you would like us to contact.

You should also include the contact email of the representative that will be placing the order and the details or what type of virgin hair order you are interested in.

We check our email regularly and will return your message via email or phone within a reasonable time frame.



Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men and Women



We provide non-surgical hair replacement systems to men and women for those who suffer from all forms of hair loss. We provide individually tailored hair systems to suit your type of hair loss and your lifestyle.

Our men’s hair systems, and pieces made from 100% human hair the highest quality materials and the very latest in technology.

Step 1:

Sent us a message about your order details via our  “Contact” Form, or email us directly at [email protected]

Step 2:

A Price Sheet will be sent to you within 24 hours after receiving your message. If you have any questions, please contact email [email protected]

Step 3:

An invoice will be sent to you after the Offer Sheet is confirmed.

Step 4:

Make the payment.

Step 5:

Processing of your order and delivery on time.


If you need further information about our Wholesale Hair products, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Malaysia Hair Imports makes hair products with 100%  human hair with quality and great prices. From the material collection, processing, package, marketing, shipping to the service, we strive for perfection. We treat every client as its friend and sincerely like to grow up with every friend.


100% Human Hair

We carry 100% Raw human hair without any synthetic hair, products range includes Cambodian, Malaysian, Burmese, and Thai, hair. No chemical processed, No shedding, free tangle, No lice.

Wholesale Price

As a manufacture, we treat every client fairly and respect everyone no matter you are doing wholesale or retail business,

Hair Returns

We are pleased to offer a return policy on unopened hair extensions. We find that we have remarkably low return rates and we are proud of the high-quality hair extensions that we offer. However, we understand that there may be a case in which you need to return or exchange your order, so any unused hair within 7 days, you can send it back.

Hair Samples

The sample is highly important, to check out our quality, you can shop online directly via our online store, Seeing is believing you will find out our products satisfying; we own 1 factory, 3 stores, over 1000 kilograms human hair stock, so for most of the items, we can ship it within 3-7 days after payment confirmed.


Our Wholesale Hair 


Our Company is the major manufacturer, Our corporate office and factory is in Bangkok Thailand, We engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of 100% human hair extensions like Raw Cambodian, Burmese and Malaysian hair in double layer machine wefts at wholesale hair bundles price.

Our products are all 100% raw human hair. Each individual is cut from a separate donor. Our hair can be dyed, flat ironed, worn straight, curled, other styling methods can also be applied. Our products had been verified and got origin Certificate of real hair. In our process hair is cleaned and well washed with detergents and shampoo, sundried, hackled, combed, sorted, well dressed, and packed in cardboard boxes for export.

We accept orders of all sizes, large or small quantities. We assure you of the best quality and competitive prices. Our goal is to build long term relationships with all our clients.


Wholesale Hair Sample Packs of Hair presentation box with 2 bundles of black hair weave
Wholesale hair 5 bundles of different colored straight hair extensions on black glass
Wholesale Hair color samples and presentation gold box with 3 bundles of black hair weave

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