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·      Can I visit your Malaysia hair Imports Bangkok hair showroom?

Yes! We have clients visit from all over the world.



·      How much do I Price my Hair Extensions?

That is completely up to you! We do not set your prices we can recommend you a price after we do research in location and competitors selling 100% human hair extensions. It’s your business and you need to know what your customers will pay for the hair. You buy at Malaysia Hair Imports wholesale hair price and sell at your retail price to make some profits and make a successful hair business!

·      What is the weight of the hair bundles?

All our hair weft extension and bulk hair bundles have a weight of 100 grams that is 3.5 Oz. This is the standard weight that customers are accustomed to purchasing in the hair industry.

·      What color are the bundles?

The hair is a natural 1B to 2 colors unless otherwise specified. We have over a dozen colors of clip-in extensions along with blonde and can custom make silver, and ombre color hair extensions.


Wholesale Hair Questions


·      Do you keep the hair extensions in stock?

Yes! Our hair factory has 5,000 bundles in the stock of Raw Human Remy Hair at all times. Our Bangkok showroom has some stock for the local market. We supply all types of hair companies, suppliers, sellers, hair salons, retail customers both large and small. We source and cut hair four days a week to ensure we have all the raw hair in stock for immediate wefting, washing, drying to ship out.

·      If I place a wholesale hair order when will my order ship?

Most orders ship 5-10 Business days or quicker if ordered before 3 pm – Monday through Friday. Once your order ships, you will receive, your hair pictures, and Video an email with tracking along with email tracking updates all the way to delivery.

·      I want to start my Hairline Business. How do I get started?

The best thing you do before starting your hair brand is to do your research. We have an educational blog and video posts published every week. The great news is that we can help you get your brand off the ground quickly with the best wholesale 100% human hair, price and customer service.

·      Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes, and No We offer to only established Hair Companies because of risk and fraud in the hair industry.

·      How long does your hair weave extensions last?

It really depends on the care. We have had multiple clients do multiple installs. Expect anywhere from 6 months to over 2 years in most cases. If you cut the wefts do not expect the hair to last as long. This also goes for coloring the hair extensions. Coloring hair extensions do damage it and will reduce the time the hair will last.

·      Is the Malaysia Hair Imports Label Extensions brand on the products I order?

No! All our virgin hair products do not include our branding.

·      Can I have my own hair extension brand?

Yes, course! This is Malaysia Hair Imports specialty. We have everything you need to make your own hair extension company.

·      How to set up my Malaysia Hair Imports Wholesale Hair A account

We are ready and excited you are interested in working and letting us be your wholesale vendor with Accounts are set up on the website, email when you place your first order. During the checkout process, the system allows you to create an account. You are able to log in and view your previous orders and your billing information will be saved.

Priority International Shipping says 2 – 3 days. How is it determined?

All orders ship from Bangkok, Thailand. The delivery time after the hair has been shipped will mostly be determined by factors. location, Weather holds, holidays. Once the packages shipped with our carrier UPS is responsible for the delivery company and any possible delays.

Do you offer hair samples?

Yes! We have “Sampler Kit” that has five different styles including Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Straight, and Kinky Curly. Each style is 12″ in hair length 20 grams of hair You can find it here Sample Hair Package $59.99

How long have you been in business?

We first got started in 2012. We now have clients all over the world and have built an incredible staff that helps clients build their new hair extension businesses.

How do you ship your orders so slow while some suppliers take 1-2 days?

Simple. We only have 100% human hair and if we weft to much hair it will dry out before orders and we have to wash and condition the hair extensions every week because 100% human hair collects dirt from the air and smell this will drive up the price.

What are your wholesale prices?

Our wholesale hair pricing we will send directly to your email.

How often do you offer sales products?

We offer overstock sells from time to time.

How to Become a Hair Extensions Distributor?

You can instantly be a hair extension distributor by buying on our site at wholesale and selling at retail. You can do this on your website, social media, in person or any other way you can sell hair weave.

Where can I find you on Social Media?

Everywhere! You can find us posting daily on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Give us a follow for updates!

Who are the clients that purchase wholesale hair Extensions from you?

We are a Private company that does not discuss who we supply our 100% human hair too. You will not see photos of our staff with our celebrity clients or anyone else unless desired by the customer. Customers confidential is the brand name we stand behind.

Can you help with Marketing?

We currently do one-on-one on new company orders to train you how to become a great marketer and give you hair extension sells ideals we are here to help.

Is the hair weave industry oversaturated?

No not for 100% human hair company, it is oversaturated with Chinese and bad hair company. As many entrepreneurs that are coming into the hair industry are leaving after their first order from China and get many customer complaints or not having the capital to survive.

Do you sell synthetic hair or hair wigs?

No. We only sell 100% human Remy hair.

How many bundles do I need for a sew-in?

It depends on the length of the Hair Extensions. For lengths 10″ – 18″ you can probably get away with using just two bundles. For lengths 20″ – 24″ we recommend three bundles. Over 26″ you will want to use four bundles. As the hair extensions get longer, the wefts become shorter, and you will need additional bundles for a full sew-in. You will also have to factor in the size of yours or your clients and customers head.

Why do I need to verify my order if shipped to a different address?

The hair business and Industry, unfortunately, has a high rate of fraud and fraudulent transactions. If we ship an order to an address other than the billing, we are liable. To do so, we verify the identity of the cardholder. If the order is delivered to the desired address and the cardholder authorizes a chargeback, it would be considered credit card fraud which is seen as a felony. We highly recommend other hair business owners to implement similar or the same procedures to limit their exposure to fraud.

What kind of hair do you sell?

Our hair is 100% virgin human hair! We offer real ethnic, Cambodian Hair, Malaysian Hair and Burmese hair that has textures in Body Wave, Straight, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Kinky Straight

Additional Wholesale Hair Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us!